Wednesday, September 15, 2010

10 months

10 months flew by. I got to go to Luxor a second time with my Gma, Aunt Sue, Uncle Sean and Cuz Brady. It was a blast and I ate like a Pharroh. We did a Nile cruise and I stood for the first time all by myself. We also went to a few parties and hung with friends. Hit the Embassy a few times and cut up the desert in the razor.

Love the koshery...(it's and egyptian dish with noodles and lentles, chickpeas, rice tomatoe sauce and some crunchy onions on top...sooooooooooooooo good) Magic hands!

Hey dad, give me that beer!

This is one of my buds, Seb, he's a Kiwi!

OH NO, more pictures

This could work for a man purse, right?

Tubby time

I LOVE swimming

HEY, Whatcha do'n

NILE CRUZ' my hat, my bottle, all I need is some shades
Mom, I am going to hate you for this picture when I get older!

At the market picking out our veggies for the week


Alabaster Factory...they just love me here

Riding the towel gator

Faster DAD! this is a sports car model

Me and my friend Leo, he is 3 days younger then me, but about 3 times bigger than me.

OH NO, he is attacking

Really, check out the size difference, he wears 3T clothes

Dad and I out in the Sakkara Desert on the Razor.

9 Months

Our trip to Luxor where we stayed at the Jollie Ville hotel. It was on a island in the Nile.
Me in the grass... you will see lots of these since there is not much grass in Cairo and mom wanted me to experience it as much as possible. Next heiroglyph PLEASE!

Hehe, no more back pack for me

Yeaaaaaaaaah, resort life is for me.

Look out POP, I'm ready to drive the dive boat

Going for a cruise around the island.

Baby bum

Some big old statue!

Dad and I infront of luxor temple

Time to go...they barely have room for me

I'm starving after the 10 hr drive home...come on dad stop eating my apple!


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Saturday, February 27, 2010

8 Months

Wow alot of things happened while I was 8 months old. I got my first tooth, I started to pull myself up and stand and begin to walk around holding on the couch (not very well, but a guys got to start somewhere). I got my first serious cold (scared my parents to death). Oh yeah I got my second tooth as well.

mmmmm, I love breakfast.

Singin' in the Rain, I'm singin' in the rain!!!

This is my good side

Just jammin'

Man!!! This thing is really out of tune.

the ancient chinese art of leaf folding...he who fold leaf 1000 times accomplish anything

naahhhh forget it I'll just eat it instead

hangin' at the park with mom

corn, it's not just for ethanol anymore

helping dad get my high-chair ready for some lunch

props for my mom

in case you didn't get it the first time

hey!! what the heck is thing on my head?

Mohawk? Check. War Face? Check. Teeth to bite the enemy? Ch...crap!!! just one.

Hmmm, looks like Marshall's is having a sale on whites

I didn't like Marshall's anyway

loungin' in my like? I know, I know it's cool but not one word about those over-alls got it?

Everybody run!!!!!!!!!!! Sharks in the Pool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Havin' a good time


Some serious toy business

Can you believe I had a 103 fever in this picture? Nothing can slow down the Fun Machine!!

Dad you're not gonna show this corny picture to my dates when they come over, are you?

What'ch ya lookin' at sucka?

Don't you know I'm number 1